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THE GROOMING COLLECTIVE is a group of schools, salon/shops, educators & designers dedicated to raising the standards of the Modern Mens Grooming Industry. Our commitment is to attract and develop the very best talent the industry has to offer.


The idea is to create a clear strategy to success and profitability for people (both business owners and designers) passionate about raising the bar in the Prestige Grooming industry.


Our Objectives


  • Build a community of schools, shops and salons dedicated to developing energetic, sustainable, and profitable business models
  • Elevate the standard of craft & service experiences available to the modern male guest
  • Aggressively recruit viable candidates into the modern men’s grooming industry
  • Offer a clear path with benchmarks and accountabilities to ensure success to anybody genuinely committed to a career in men’s grooming.




THE GROOMING COLLECTIVE’s vision is to create a BRAND STANDARD for the Grooming industry that functions like LEEDS CERTIFIED does in the world of architecture and environmental integrity.

THE GROOMING COLLECTIVE’s goal is that qualified designers coming into the industry will recognize a GC environment as a place where they will receive the best training and career opportunity available in the industry.

THE GROOMING COLLECTIVE has created a catalog of support materials that will serve as a foundation for the development of the service and technical standards in every GC environment. The most important part is adapting the support materials to support each individual shop’s unique brand history and philosophy.

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